Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ava is 2 1/2 !!

Ava turned 2  1/2 this month.  I feel like time has gone by quicker then ever!! She is such a beautiful, sweet and kind daughter.  She is getting to so big and grown-up.  Ava still is a fabulous sleeper. She sleeps 12-12 1/2 hrs at night plus a 2 hr nap.  She loves her sleep as long as she has her pacifier, doggie and blankie in her crib with her.  She went one nap without a paci and then it was back.  I know I need to wean her off but its so hard when she is such a good sleeper!  Potty training will be coming shortly.  Ava has gone a few times in her little potty but doesn't love it.  Ava is quite the talker now.  She is talking in sentences and will repeat anything I say.  She has quite the memory and loves to sing!! She is always singing to herself.  Most of the time I can tell what song she is singing but sometimes its her own AVA song.  Ava can sing her ABC's and count 1-10( skipping 5,7).  Ava hair is getting longer; allowing Mommy to try some cute hairstyles.  She loves to dance, play with bubbles, run, play golf, ride her tricycle, play with her house and ride her horse with her Cowgirl Hat saying "Ye-haw!"  She also loves to wear her sunglasses and carry her purse when we go places.  She still loves her shopping carts and stroller and takes her babies in them.  She loves to go on walks and collect sicks and acorns. She is very caring. She can tell when I don't feel well and will say, " Mommy are you ok?" and will give me a hug. She is a very social girl and will always ask me if she can play with____? I am so amazed and proud of the girl she is becoming.  She makes me one happy Mommy! We love you, AVA.

Weight: 29 lbs (62%)
Height: 38.5" (98%)

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