Thursday, November 29, 2018

Other Happenings

I completed a 30k in early October. It was super hot and challenging. I was happy to see my family at finish line.

We were a Bug Family for Halloween.

4 months of Being a Twin Mommy

4 months has come and gone!! Its crazy! My days seem long and hard but time really does fly by! I feel so lucky to be a Twin Mom! It is hard but the rewards of my 4 amazing children has no price tag!! Here is the latest.
Head: 42 cm (25%)
Weight: 15 lbs (50%)
Height: 24 inches (20%)

* hands in mouth
* can sleep longer stretches but recently been waking up a ton; similar to what Kash did.
* Cutest smile, and the biggest eyes
* likes to be held facing out
* still the harder twin but seems to be getting easier
* kicks feet up
* better at bumbo
* loves to be talked and sung too

Head: 41cm( 20%)
Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz (20%)
Height: 23 3/4 inches (20%)
Lexi so far is my most petite baby

* hands in mouth
* can sleep 6-8 hr stretches
* starting to move around in the crib so I am going to have to have them stop sharing a crib.
* rolls to side
* bubbles with her mouth
* drools
* coos and high pitch squil and giggle; very dainty and sweet
* loves to be talked and sung too
* smiles with her whole face

Mommy Loves you; Levi and Lexi

Twins first Halloween: Caterpillar and Butterfly

The Kash Man is 2!!

Its hard to believe my little boy is two! He has officially entered the terrible twos! Poor boy has to share his mommy all too much with the twins. He does whine a lot but I know he JUST wants attention. He has discovered climbing! He climbs up on the chairs and tables. Luckily no bad falls but it scares me. Of course he does it when I am feeding the babies. He is learning to test my limits and patience. Although he is the hardest part about having twins; he is the sweetest boy. He loves to snuggle up to the babies and give them kisses on the head. When they cry he offers them a pacifier. He loves to throw away the diapers and gets mad if someone else does it.
* He can go up and down the stairs.
* Runs fast, gallops and jumps.
* Starting to talk more, can say car, treat, water, cheese, please, thank you, ball, AYA for Ava, bubbles, gum, popcorn, daddy. Every day its another word.
* likes to say his prayers at night, and read a book
*pro scooter rider, can do a roll, starting to attempt dribbling a basketball.
* throws and eats with left hand
* he is very coordinated, definitely an athlete
* teases his sister; Ava
* Loves bubble guppies, Dora, Daniel the Tiger, Baby Shark, Bleepie
*Amazing Sleeper; 12 hours at night and a 3 hour nap.
* Loves Cottage cheese, yogurt, blueberries, trail mix, salad, strawberries, veggies
* Waves at everyone

Weight : 25 lbs 6 oz
Height: 33 3/4 inches
Head: 48 cm
He is in about the (20%) in everything.
hike with hid daddy

i cut his hair too short. Scott was not happy with me. I think he still looks adorable

loves the babies bumbo

marker mess

diaper cream mess

Thursday, October 25, 2018

My two babies are 3 months old.

Its hard to believe that Levi ad Lexi are 3 months old. The first three months have been tough but it seems to be getting easier. I fall more and more in love with Levi and Lexi everyday. It is so much fun seeing their little personalities starting to come out.

* such a smiley baby, especially in the mornings.
* Loves to eat!! Has the cutest baby rolls. Definitely my chunkiest baby.
* Does the sweetest baby coos. He loves to be talked to and be held in football hold so he can see whats going on!!
* Wakes up 1-2 times a night. Sometimes its just to nurse for a minute or two! He loves his Mommy and just wants some snuggles.
* Loves to watch his older siblings.
* Discovered his hands and will look at them and put them in his mouth.
* Not the best napper.
 * Loves being in the carrier.
* Hates the carseat.
* Definitely is the more needy twin.
* Hates bumbo and tummy time.
Trying to have him sleep on side to help his flat spot on head.

Levi saying " I refuse to nap," but he looks so cute!!

* She can sleep through the night!! 10pm-6am. Amazing. She still wakes up sometimes but never more than once a night.
* Does the cutest baby squeals.
*Loves it when you talk to her!
* Smiles all the time. Mainly in the morning.
She is so chill!! She has become so patient especially since i am always dealing with her brothers.
* Great napper. She can fall asleep anywhere.
* Discovered her hands as well.
* Loves to watch Ava and Kash.
* Loves the carrier as well but Levi gets it the most because he is so needy.
* Tolerates bumbo and tummy time.

I am so lucky to have these sweet babies. I am sad that time is flying by so fast!! However they are getting easier so that is nice. Mommy needs her sleep!! Love you Levi and Lexi!!
sunday naps

Workout room set up

Morning smiles

Sunday, October 7, 2018