Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kash is 18 months old!!

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is 18 months old. He is growing so quick! We love him so much. I can't imagine my life without him and Ava. He doesn't say a lot of words yet but definitely makes his point across. Some words he says are; Mama, Dada, Quack, Moo, Ball, Yeah, Pig noises, dolphin noises, elephant noises. He likes to mimic noises but does a lot of pointing and grunting to communicate. He is quite agile. He runs everywhere, getting better at the stairs, can ride his scooter, can do a forward roll, can hang on the gymnastic bar. He loves being outside and will find any muddy puddle and jump in it. He is total boy. He is starting to tease his sister by taking a toy and running away giggling.  He also throws things ( which I'm trying to get him to stop before the twins get here).  But he will hit Ava then immediately gives her a sweet hug.  He still loves to snuggle with his mommy which I love!! He still is an excellent sleeper 12 hours a night plus 3 hour nap. He loves to wave hello and goodbye to people.He is showing more interest in reading books and will grab a book and sit in my lap and wants to read it.  He never forgets his night time book. He has brought so much love and joy to our family. I can't believe that he will be a big brother in two months when the twins get here!!
Stats: Height: 31 3/4 inches
          Weight: 23lbs 2 oz
           Head: 47 cm

In February we had a gender reveal! Here are some pics. Boy/ Girl twins coming!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Kash!

This year flew by!! It is hard to believe my little baby boy is a 1 year old.  He has brought us so much joy, laughter and love! He is a MaMa's boy and I love it. He has a million dollar smile and hair do! His smile lights up any room he is in. No one can resist touching his crazy hair.  He is adorable and I love him so much.  Ava adores him as well. If he leaves with Daddy she gets so sad  and says he is her favorite baby in the whole wide world! I do agree, he is very special!  Some nicknames he has inherited are, Kashi, Kashi boo,and the Kash man!

Head: 18 inches (20%)
Weight:20 lbs 8 oz (25%)
Height:29 1/2 inches (50 %)

* Went straight from walking to running
* Can wear hard sole shoes
*Trying to talk more.
* Has a temper sometimes
* Great sleeper
* Still only has his bottom two teeth.
* Loves to throw and kick balls.
* Loves to mop.
* Loves to be outside.
*Loves Dogs, gets super excited when we see one.
* Amazing Eater

For his birthday I made him a baseball cake. He enjoyed eating some of the frosting and playing with it for a bit but then wanted to be cleaned up.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kash is 11 months.

One more month and Kash is a year.  They really grow in a blink of an eye.  This past month I left Ava and Kash with Grandma and Grandpa Kunz and spent a week in Hawaii.  It was my first time to leave Kash and he did Amazing. I had weaned him off the breast a couple weeks leading into it so he took a bottle like a champ.  It was a nice break of my day to day Mom duties but I sure missed my family.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.  I am so grateful that they get to call me Mommy.
  Here is the latest with Baby Kash.
* He is officially walking.  He gets so excited when he does it. He is proud and so are we!
* Kash can put his play balls in his little b-ball basket.  He is showing so much more interest in balls than Ava ever did. He loves to make baskets and play catch.  My guess he will love sports but we will see.
* Trying to talk, talks in his baby language, sometimes I think he is saying mama but he isn't consistent.
* Waves bye bye and hi to everyone.  He is becoming more sociable to strangers( smiles and waves).
                                                        * Still a great eater and sleeper!
* Loves being outside.
* He has his two bottom front teeth.

Ava is 4!!

I can hardly believe I have a 4 year old. It feels like I just had her.  She has been such a joy to our family. We love her so much. This year Ava wanted a Paw patrol birthday. So I ordered a vanilla cake at Costco and put Sky and Everest on their mobiles on the cake.  Then i made Pup-corn, Pawberries, Pawtato chips, chew toys and sticks and toilet water.  We had our close friends Piscitellos come over and Grandma and Grandpa Beaman.  Ava was in heaven and loved all her presents.  She got legos, Ken(barbie), mermaid towel, paw patrol stuffed animals and train, stickers, Peppa pig school house.

  Ava is a sweet, loving daughter and sister to Kash.  She always wants to know where her brother is and has a hard time not hugging him.  Can she love him too much? She is becoming more self sufficient. She can get some of her own snacks if she can reach it.  She loves you-tube and PBS.  She can swim without floaties.( I gave her and her neighbor, Haley, swimming lessons this summer).  She can also fill her own water up at the fridge.  She has more of an attitude and can be stubborn at times but all around she is an even tempered girl.  She is still pretty shy. She will hid behind my leg when strangers talk to her.  She takes time to open up to people but once she knows you she is a talker.
Ava's favorite food is still hot dogs.  Happy 4th birthday to my partner in crime, my little mother, and the girl who made me a MOM. I love you so much!! Never stop being you!!

* 35 lbs 4 oz (40%)
*41 1/4 inches (85%)
She is very tall and skinny.

Here are some pictures of her loving her brother, Kash.

Ava is so Beautiful!