Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ava is the big 3!

Ava turned 3 on September 4 th.  She is growing too quick! This year has been a great year here in Texas! Ava is still the sweetest, happiest little girl.... soon to be big sister. Here are her updates:
* Ava is now potty trained!! Wahoo!!
*Ava has moved into a big girl bed. The transition to this big bed has been a little rough and she has not been the amazing sleeper like she use to but she is getting better.
*No longer napping :( She takes a nap about once a week but since she is more free in her big bed; naps are no longer appealing to her. Poor mommy.
* Ava has taken both gymnastics and ballet class and loves them both.
* Ava is a little jabber box: talking in full sentences and sounding more like a little person.
* Learning to recognize her numbers and letters.
* Loves her farm animals and mickey mouse, Minnie mouse and Pluto little people.
* Loves to help mommy cook and bake.
*Loves her TV shows: Daniel the Tiger, Barney, Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse.
* If she wants anything she will tell me that " Daddy will buy it." or "lets go to the store"
* Favorite foods: hot dog, guacamole, hummus, grapes, green beans, zucchini noodles and Orange Juice.
* Has quite the memory, which can get me in trouble;)

* Has perfected her tricycle riding abilities.
* Loves to play pretend and Hide and Go Seek.
* Loves Pink, Purple and Princesses.
* Enjoys putting make-up on with mommy.

* weight: 32 lbs 8 oz
* height: 3 ft 2 inches

We celebrated Ava's 3rd birthday a little early because we were in Utah once again for her actual birthday.  Grandma and PaPa Beaman came. Mommy and Grandma made Ava a Pink Princess Sofia Castle cake as requested by Ava. It was a success.
Ava wanted hot dogs, Cheetos, and strawberries for her birthday dinner.

Here are some pictures of Ava over the past 6 months.
We have spent almost everyday at the pool surviving the Texas summer heat.

We completed a 8 mile bike ride race.

We went to Disney.

Arriving at the Orlando airport for DisneyLand

Ava can't wait to be a big sister.

The best travel buddies Clarissa and Tate. Shamu decided to splash us and made these kiddos pretty upset.

Ava dancing at Sea World.

Ava loves the beach. We spent a couple days at Daytona beach.

On September 4th we flew out to Utah for one last family vacation as a family of three.  We had a great time staying with our close friends Clarissa, Tony and Tate.  We spent time at a reservoir, went hiking, went on a Ferris- wheel, went to temple square, explored the aquarium, ate at Zupas, CafĂ©- Rio and Red Mango( some of our Utah favorites). We also went to Park City where Ava was so brave and rode the alpine slide with Scott.  My parents were there as well visiting Tyson so we got to spend more time with my family as well. Ava adored TJ and wanted to always hold his hand.  They got along so well.  She still asks me if she can go to TJ'S house.

  Scott completed his 9th Wasatch 100 miler.
Only one more to go and then he will enter the 1000 mile club and will receive a ring!! Then he will retire from 100 milers and focus on shorter races.
Only a little over a month and Baby Boy Kunz will be here! Wahoo!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ava is 2 1/2 !!

Ava turned 2  1/2 this month.  I feel like time has gone by quicker then ever!! She is such a beautiful, sweet and kind daughter.  She is getting to so big and grown-up.  Ava still is a fabulous sleeper. She sleeps 12-12 1/2 hrs at night plus a 2 hr nap.  She loves her sleep as long as she has her pacifier, doggie and blankie in her crib with her.  She went one nap without a paci and then it was back.  I know I need to wean her off but its so hard when she is such a good sleeper!  Potty training will be coming shortly.  Ava has gone a few times in her little potty but doesn't love it.  Ava is quite the talker now.  She is talking in sentences and will repeat anything I say.  She has quite the memory and loves to sing!! She is always singing to herself.  Most of the time I can tell what song she is singing but sometimes its her own AVA song.  Ava can sing her ABC's and count 1-10( skipping 5,7).  Ava hair is getting longer; allowing Mommy to try some cute hairstyles.  She loves to dance, play with bubbles, run, play golf, ride her tricycle, play with her house and ride her horse with her Cowgirl Hat saying "Ye-haw!"  She also loves to wear her sunglasses and carry her purse when we go places.  She still loves her shopping carts and stroller and takes her babies in them.  She loves to go on walks and collect sicks and acorns. She is very caring. She can tell when I don't feel well and will say, " Mommy are you ok?" and will give me a hug. She is a very social girl and will always ask me if she can play with____? I am so amazed and proud of the girl she is becoming.  She makes me one happy Mommy! We love you, AVA.

Weight: 29 lbs (62%)
Height: 38.5" (98%)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ava turned 2!!

  Its crazy to think that we know have a two year old.  Time really does fly by especially with having a child.  We went to St. George for a family vacation during the week of Ava's birthday.  We got to celebrate it with Scott's parents, grandparents and brother and his family.  We had a blast!!  During the day we went to Sand Hollow to play in the water, sand , kayak and ride on a sting-ray floatie.  Ava loves the water so she had such a good time! In the evening we had dinner and cake.  It was a flower themed birthday.  Ava Loves Flowers!! She always wants to pick them where ever we go.  Scott insisted that she still have her own personal cake to dig in and have fun with.  So she enjoyed making a yummy mess of her chocolate cake with strawberries. We then ended the night with bubbles galore!!..another one of Ava's favorites!

Ava's Stats:
Weight: 27.0 lbs
Height: 35.24 inches
Head: 19.5 inches

*Ava can sing her ABCs; clearly until the letter "P".  She also sings" twinkle twinkle little star",  "I love you, you love me.", "happy birthday", "Monkeys jumping on the bed.", "itsy bitsy spider".  Its is so cute to see her sing and do the motions!
*  Favorite show is the "Wiggles."
* Loves to play "ring a round a rosie"  She will make mommy get up and down every time and wants to do it over and over;)
* Can stack and build things: legos, blocks
* Can do simple puzzles
* Enjoys reading: listening and then telling the story in her own language/ words
* Can blow her own bubbles
* Has mastered eating out of a bowl with a spoon.
* Can climb into her own car seat and high chair.
* Super smart; can understand most anything I say.
* Very good at repeating words that I teach her.
* Enjoys going on bike rides to go feed the ducks
* Still a solid sleeper: 12 hours a night plus two hour nap.  Sleeps with her pacifier and her favorite dog.
* Loves to play kitchen and make everyone food and pretend to eat it.
* Loves to dance! Prefers to hold Mommy's or Daddy's hands when dancing!
* Still has the cutest run; she moves her hips and arms side to side.
* Calls every number "2", every color "blue" and every sport" soccer"
* Likes to take care of her baby; feed bottle; hold.
* Remembers her friends and gets super excited when I say we are going to play with ....
* Waves and says Hi to everyone!!
* Gives the best hugs, kisses and will pat me on the back while hugging.  She is such a sweet, loving little girl.
* Favorite foods; Popcorn, hot dogs( i get turkey dogs) yogurt, Broccoli, corn,cottage cheese, mommy's special healthy pancakes, hummus, edamame.

Ava is becoming so independent and surprises me with words and her abilities everyday.  We have to spell out words now because she understands and remembers most anything.  She is such a happy and energetic 2 year old.  She has had a few "terrible two" tantrums but for the most part she is pretty easy going.  We are so lucky to have her in our life and eternal family.  She has blessed and enriched our lives more than we could ever imagine.