Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ava is 5!!

My big girl is 5!! She is growing so quick and impresses me with her vocabulary daily. She is so smart and loving. She adores her siblings and we adore her!! She loves to play in her play room. I love listening o her imagination go wild. She is one of a kind. She will play for hours in her play room with her toys by herself. She also loves to collect bugs and ride her scooter. She also has become quite the swimmer and is very brave at jumping of the ledge and doing a belly flop. Seh likes to go camping with her Daddy.  She loves to sing her ABC's while she is washing her hands and brushing her teeth and has to ask me if I heard her Every time! She does not like to be dirty, therefore; constantly getting wet rags to wash her hands and face. She is in TK and is really enjoying it. She can dress herself( sometimes). Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, oreos, fruit snacks, corn avacado, guacamole, Popsicles and yogurt drinks. Ava just glows with beauty inside and out. I'm so glad she came first and made me a MOM. We Love YOU!!

Newborn Levi and Lexi photo shoot at 5 days old