Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kash is 5 months old

Happy 5 months Kash. It's hard to believe that Kash  is 5 months. Time really does fly by!! He has brought so much happiness and love to our family. His smile melts my heart!

sucking  his lower lip

~ Sleeps through the night 75% of the time. (slept through the night for the first time this past month)
~ Loves to stand on his feet all the time.
~ Giggles at his older sister all the time.
~ Is super ticklish.
~ Eats rice cereal like a champ!!
~ Has discovered his lower lip, will suck on it.
~ Can grab and hold his toys.
~ Has rolled over twice but prefers to not be on tummy.
~ Has developed a little stranger danger.
~ Can sit in his high chair and eat his rice cereal.
~ Can mimic noises.
~ Starting to drool.

sleeping at the beach

I wish he could stay our baby forever! We love you so much!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kash is 4 months old

Well another month has flown by. Kash is getting cuter and sweeter day by day. His stomach issues have seemed to simmer down making him a happier eater and baby.

Height: 23 1/4 inches (5 %)
Weight: 14 lbs 10 oz ( 54%)
Head: 16 1/4 inches (20 %)

*Has moved out of our room into his crib.
*Sleeping at night got worse before it got better (only two hour stretches) finally last night he slept for 6 hours straight!! yippee!! hopefully it sticks!
* Jibber Jabs all the time!
* Loves his playmat and playing on the ground.
* Getting close to rolling over
* Has the cutest giggles and smiles.
* Loves sucking and chewing on his hands and thumbs.
* Still likes the pacifier; sometimes.
* Still spits up all the time!!
* Loves standing on his feet!
* Will smile for strangers.

 I couldn't imagine life without my two kids. Life is crazy most of the time but so worth it!!

valentines day 2017

Ava loves Kash so much!! My heart is so full!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2 and 3 months old Kash

Well another month has flown by and we have fallen more and more in love with our sweet baby boy.  A lot has been happening this past month. Scott accepted a new job in Southern California so we moved to Simi Valley, California.  During the move the kids and I drove to my parents house in Houston where we stayed until the move was done.  It was nice to spend time with my family and Ava was in heaven playing with her cousins Heidi and Gracie.  During this transition Ava and Kash did great.
Here are Kash 2 month stats:
* weighed 11 lbs 14 oz
* height 22.75 inches
* head 15.16 inches or 38.5 cm

*Kash still wakes up 2-3 times a night, one of them always being 5 am due to gas pains.
Gripe water has seemed to be helping but still have issues early in the morning.
*Still spitting up a ton!!
* Smiles and giggles and some small baby talk
* Went on first plane ride and did great!
* Went on first road trip and did great!

3 months old

We have been here in Simi Valley for almost a month and we really like it. Its hard to believe that Kash is 3 months now. Here are his updates!

* Has discovered his hand; will suck his hand and thumb
* Likes his play mat and will talk to himself in the mirror
* Enjoys his carseat more;  he use to scream everytime I put him in there but now likes it most of the time.
*Still can do tummy time for a short amount of time.
*Still wakes up at night; 2-3 times
* Can take a bottle which is exciting for me. Now I can get away if I want or need to.
* Is less gassy but still has is 5am gas issues!
* Staying awake for longer stretches during the day.
* Will sleep in the mamaroo while I jog on the treadmill next to him. He likes white noise.
* He will get all smiley and talk when I sing to him.
* Ava and of course Daddy can get him to smile.
*  Favorite song is patty cake.
* Still sleeping in my room due to how much he wakes up.
* Has taken a few cat naps in his crib.
* Can sit in the bumbo.

Life with 2 kids has been both challenging and rewarding. We are so lucky to have added Kash to our forever family. We love you Kash.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Kash Spencer Kunz birth story:
  We went in on November 1st at 6pm to get cervidil placed on my cervix to hopefully induce labor. I went in only dilated to a 1.5. and 0 effaced. By morning I was still dilated the same and 50 percent effaced. The doctor broke my water around 9 am to hopefully get things moving more. After breaking my water contractions were getting more intense and I ended up getting an epidural around 10:30 am. At around noon I was measuring a 3 and by 2 pm I was a 4 but 80 percent effaced.  About ten minutes later I felt a lot of pressure and was ready to push. Kash was born with one push at 2:22 pm. He was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.5 oz.  He latched on right away. Kash has been a great eater from the start and is gaining weight quickly. He has been very in his first month and spits up a lot more than Ava.  He is sleeping 2-3 hour stretches and is a loud sleeper.  He keeps us all up with his grunting.

Born: 6 lbs 12 oz... at two weeks 8 lbs 2 oz
         19.5 inches..... at two weeks 20 inches
head: average

We are so in love with this little boy, including his big sister Ava, who adores him and can't stop touching, and kissing him.

1 month

Kash loves to be held and snuggled.
Can take a paci but has a hard time keeping it in for a long time.
Likes the mamaroo but has to be asleep prior to being put in it to stay asleep.
Sleeps 2-3 hour stretches
Sleeps with arms up.
Definitely more needy than Ava, wants his mommy to hold him all the time.
Grunts and snorts in his sleep.
Likes tummy time, very strong holding his head up.
Gives us a smile every now and then ; has a cute dimple like Ava
Had more hair than Ava but is losing it.

The transition to two kids has been hard but I think we are starting to get a routine down.
We love Kash so very much and are so happy that he has joined our family. He is our perfect little boy.
Kash's baby blessing