Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ava, Happy 7 months birthday!!We love You!!!

Another month has past and so many more to enjoy. Every stage is so fun with our baby girl. She has become quite the social, happy girl!! She is so interactive now and is soaking up everything we say and do and everything around her. She is such a sweet girl!!
* Can sit up unassisted
* Two lower front teeth are completely out and one on top is starting to come in as well.
* Says dadada, bababa, mamama, our little chatterbox;)
* Tries to clap!! So cute to watch.
* Able to roll over both ways but prefers her back. Avoids her tummy if she can.
* Absolutely loves to stand!! Will dance her feet and is starting to take steps while assisted. I have a feeling she will be walking before she starts crawling.
* Can stand alone while holding onto her crib.
* Can feed herself mum mum crackers.
* Loves her solids, Likes anything and everything. Her favorites are peas, applesauce and broccoli.
* Solids are causing some hard poopies, which makes an unhappy Ava at times;( Good thing she likes prunes!!
* This past month she stopped sleeping through the night.  She would wake up once or twice at night. She had been sleeping through the night since 2 months than stopped at 6 months. However, the past three nights she has slept through the night!! Hooray for AVA!! I hope it continues!!
Happy St. Patty's day
Ava's first toothbrush.
Loves her veggies.

Ava meets Ben the Bachelor

practicing the hymns

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