Wednesday, May 7, 2014

8 Months Already!!

Wow!! Ava is 8 months. These months need to slow down. I miss my little baby but am enjoying every new stage. I look forward to seeing her bright smile every morning. I love being her Mom. How did I get so lucky??

8 month stats: maybe 20 lbs....?
height: getting so tall, time to get a new car seat! Legs are hanging over.
head: Big, can fit in a 1 yr old bike helmet

8 month milestones;
* Eats anything and everything; has been introduced to Cheerios, baby yogurt, and cheese.
* Can mash up food with jaw.
* Can pick up food with finger and thumb and place in mouth
* Very impatient when placed in high chair. I must have food ready or she gets upset. She is my hungry girl!!
* Blows her lips when eating: makes a mess. She thinks its funny.
* Will bend down to grab stuff on the floor while standing.
* Loves to walk with assistance, anywhere and everywhere!! Grandma's invention is coming in handy ;)
* Can balance herself while holding onto things when standing.
* Went on first bike ride and loved it!
* Very good sitter. Loves to play sitting and can place face on ground while sitting. So flexible ;)
* Still loves her jumperoo and can get a lot of air when jumping. She tries to jump when out of it. So cute.
* Can mimic Scott and I when we "Shake your head"
* Tummy time: Still not her favorite, can tolerate it if I play peek-a-boo. She just doesn't  like to get her hands and knees dirty;) My guess is she will skip crawling and walk.
* Will reach up with her arms when wanting to be held.
* Can do baby crunches. 

Ava has such a kind and tender heart. When I have watched other babies and they begin to cry, she looks at me and the baby with such concern. She is also pretty social with other babies. She starts doing her baby talk and giggling with them. I love this little girl so much.
Ava ran her first marathon with Daddy! She loved it!
A family that runs together stays together;)

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