Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Half Birthday AVA!!

I can't believe she is 6 months old. She brings us so much joy! Here are the latest updates of this past month.
* She loves grabbing her feet and will suck on her toes if her socks are off.
* She makes a MMMM sound when she is hungry for some milk.
* She started solids a week ago.  She did great! She has had rice cereal, sweet potatoes and avocado.
* She grabs at anything that is on front or close to her.
* She gives Mommy some nice wet open mouth kisses. Sometimes will suck on my chin too;)
* She loves to stand. I put her on her feet and a she gets all smiley.
* She is not a huge roller; has rolled only a few times from front to back, but we are working on it.
* When on her belly, she is more interested in figuring out how to crawl than roll to her back, but gets frustrated, so tummy- time is never super long. We are working on that as well.
* She still loves her play mat. Her legs go tap dance crazy on the piano.
* She loves to gnaw at apples that I am eating and gets mad when I am done.
* She has to hold the blue cup during bath time. She gets mad when I take it away.
* She really is good with her hands. She can move toys from one hand to the other and can find the toy when she drops it.

She graduated to the tub, no more small mini baby tub.
Ava at 6 month weigh-in.
Ava before her shots.

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