Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Another month has past! She is no longer my little baby, she is getting so BIG!! She is probably 17 pounds now, but that is just a guess. We won't find out until March 7th for her 6 month check up. We took Ava on another family vacation this past week. We went to Laguna Beach for Scott's award banquet at the Montage. We took Ava swimming and she loves the water. We then headed to Death valley to spend a few days hiking and site seeing. Ava did great on the plane ride and car ride! She did get a little antsy and fussy at the end, but she is a baby;) Ava is such a low key, go with the flow baby. She has spoiled us with her being such a happy and calm baby. I have a feeling that number two will not be this good. That would be too good to be true!

5 month updates:
* She belly giggles alot!
* She can be on her belly for a long time and even smile while doing it.
* She grabs her feet.
* Holds her legs up with her arms while being changed. She is very helpful. It is so cute!
* She loves to hold anything and everything. She also has a strong grip.
* When on belly, she lifts up her bum and gets her knees under her. Crawling is in her near future.
* She still loves to be swaddled for bedtime and sleeps 10-12 hrs a night!
* She can take a bottle which allows me to get away every now and then.
* She has rolled from belly to back once, still waiting for her to do it again.
* She moves toys from hand to hand.
* She loves to make fake cough and fart noises.
* She loves to look up at the ceiling at the lights.

"Mom, can I drive?"

We love our little girl so much! She is such a joy to our growing family!

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