Monday, January 6, 2014

She is 4 months!!

Happy 4 months AVA!!
Every month flies by quicker then the last!! We love the joys of parenthood and watching baby Ava develop. She has entered into a very fun stage!! We love her so much!!
------4 Month milestones-----
*giggles all the time.. it is soooo cute!
*thinks her daddy is so funny; especially at bath/night time
*sleeps between 8-12 hrs at night/ great sleeper
*cat naps during the day-10-20min maybe, but I can't complain bc she sleeps so well at night.
* if I want a long nap it will happen in the jogging stroller or infant carrier
*grabs toys and puts them in her mouth
*loves to put her fingers in her mouth but sometimes ends up gagging herself
*makes all sorts of loud noises but most recently a moaning noise
*will entertain herself for a while on playmat so I can get things done
*loves when we change her diaper and keep it off, will kick her feet and legs like crazy. She loves to feel free.
*tummy time is semi-tolerated, she can lift her head up with her arms.
*is more and more alert
* grabs my clothes and hair, has quite the grip.

At her 4 month check up she was 15 lbs 2 oz and 25 inches. She is our happy and healthy baby. We are so lucky.

This christmas we spent it with Scotts family and rented a house in Bodega Bay. It was beautiful and so much fun to be with all his family. Ava loved all the attention and love. Scott got me a super nice camera the Nikon 3200 so we can take nice pictures of our growing family. I love it and looks like it will become a nice new hobby for me;)
Here are some recent photos of this past month.
4 month photo shoot;)
Avas first new year!!
Tummy time success!
Bath time fun!                                                                                                     

Ava, We love you!!

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mom said...

love the 4 month photo shoot. She is a happy little baby Mom