Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Christmas Celebration of 2011

This year was Scott's family's turn for Christmas. They decided to have it in Hawaii instead of Michigan because his bother Kevin just got stationed there at Hickam Airforce Base as a dentist. Trust me I was not get a break from the cold at a beautiful warm Place....OH YES!! So We left on Dec 2nd, We first flew to Phoenix and barely make the connecting flight by about 15 minutes due to airplane brake issues. Then to Kawaii and then to Honolulu. It was a long flight with no airplane food... we were starving!!! That night we went to a Christmas show at the base. The first couple nights we stayed at the base. The next day we attended the BYU vs Hawaii football game. Great Game with 5th row seats!! BYU WON! The next day was a chill day because it was sunday. That night we moved into our hotel for the week, just a block from Waikiki beach!! It was small but nice enough especially bc we got a great deal!!
Monday Morning we got up and ran from our hotel to Diamond Head; Hiked to the top; than ran home. I was shocked as to how hilly Hawaii actually was. We than ate brunch at Eggs and Things, We got omlets and they were very tasty! Than we relaxed and swm at the beach. One shocker was the water was a bit chilly, 70 degrees. That evening we ate dinner at a Thai resturant which are always good. Tuesday we got up, went for a jog, then went to Coco Head and hiked up to the top, it was like doing a zillion stair steppers, over 1200 long steep steps to the top.
Then we ate Lunch at a Yummy Cafe, tried to snorkel at Hamana Bay, but it was closed.That Evening we ate at a seafoof resturant which i ordered Ahi Tuna, soooo good!! Wednesday we drove around the island. We drove to North Shore, and ate a a Shrimp Shack. Scotts meal was a yummy spicy Shrimp and I ordered Mahi Mahi which was not so good. Basically put a full cup of melted butter in the dish with the mahi mahi. Dont recomment that dish. Thursday we went snorkeling at Hamana bay, it was cool to see all the different fish,than went to the beach on base and swam around and i tried to do the standup paddle board which was so hard bc the wind was crazy. Friday we did the top rated hike on Oahu: The Olomana Trail. It was extreme and quite dangerous, about 3 miles total. The trail was a little slippery bc it rains alot. There were sections where you had to rock climb with a rope. At the Summit there was a memorial for 3 people that had died doing this hike.

Would not recommend this to a casual hiker. Then we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We went to all the different villages, did some spear throwing, hula dancing, ate dinner at the buffet and watched the show. It was super cool!!! That was probably most favorite day of the week. Saturday we hiked to Monoa Falls than went to a swap market at the Aloha Stadium, got some hawaiian necklaces, sandals and a bag. Took Scott parents to Eggs and Things but it was closed from 2pm to 5pm..weird. So that night we ate dinner there. Sunday we made our forever lond trip home. We fly to Maui, have a 3 hr delay, they make me throw away my fruit when passing through to the gate to fly to AZ, sit on plane for 1 hr, notify us that there is a delay due to Bad Navigation System. They had to fly in a part from Honolulu, so they let us of. It was about midnight, so we try to sleep on the chairs.After 2 more hrs they let us bk on, sit there for another hr and they announce fligt was cancelled!!!Are youy kidding me, We were suppose to work Monday!! I hurried and luckily found a sub. They than give us some free meal vouchers for Mon and put us in a SWEET Resort in Maui. Too bad we got there at 4am and left at 8 thirty! Scott was on the phone with the airline trying to bump us up to an earlier fight besides 10:30 that following night. He succeded, we now have to fly bk to Honolulu at 10am than to San Fran than to SLC. We go to baggage and they make us pay again to check in our bages even though we had just paid yesterday and the flight was cancelled!! We r still waiting for someone to call us back on that!! We finally make it home monday at midnight , we get home around 1:30am, only to find our garage door would not open!! Scott crawls in through the window. We look on our pourch and find a note saying our electricity had been turned off since Dec 6th, so our house was about 20 degrees. Scott goes and gets his - 20 degree sleeping bag. No way, we ended up sleeping at our neighbors. Thankful for great neighbors:) So needless to say I had to throw away about 150 dollars worth of food in the freezer. They finally came and turned it bk on at noon. It took about a full 12 hrs to heat up to 72. I tried to bake a turkey to help quicken the process. It was a great Trip with a horrible ending, but Hawaii was worth it. Oh what i would do to be in Hawaii right now;)

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