Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend at Zion National Park

This weekend was amazing. On Thursday, Rachele and I drove down to St. George to stay with Gramps and Suzun, hoping to hike the world famous Subway in Zion National Park. They were nice enough to stay up for us even though we rolled in at 11pm. Friday morning we received a call from our friends, who had obtained the permits for this backcountry hike, telling us the hike might be off because of potential flash flood danger. We still all drove to the park and eventually got confirmation that the hike was open.
The hike started on some well maintained trails, but soon turned to what I call "extreme red rock backcountry" where the terrain is extremely difficult to travel. While it was steep and hot, we were enjoying the spectacular views of the deep canyons we would be hiking shortly. After three miles we made it to the canyon entrance.
Rachele was brave enough to take the first plunge into the extremely frigid waters. The canyon was surreal and we were moving along. We would hike a few hundred yards and then have to jump down into a pool of water that only gets a few minutes of sunlight each day being 300+ feet deep below the canyon walls.

After covering 5 miles in 5 hours, we arrived at the actual Subway. There were about 5-6 pools of water and a back room with a water fall. Absolutely amazing!!!We then started our hike out. The weather started to turn bad, with some rain and thunder. Scott and I picked up the pace. The last 5 miles took us about 2 hours. It was a very comfortable hike due to the cooler water and overcast. With a mile and half to go we run into a snake enojoying his evening meal of a frog....gross!!! During the entire hike we saw thousands of tadpoles, and it wasn't till the end we saw all the frogs. We finished the hike and had to hitch-hike a ride to the start bc the other vehicle left their keys in our car. What a fun trip.!!! Definitely an adventure we would repeat.!!


Since we had already paid the park fee we decided to hike angels landing since we both had not done it. We started out with a light jog until it got too steep and then we just power hiked the rest of the way up. The last half mile was awesome, you had to hold on chains to get across because of the exposure. There was alot of scrambling too. We stopped at the end and tooks pics, with some new friends we met along the way. One Couple was from Denmark and the other from Quebec. Most of the people at Zions were international. MUST BE an AMazing palce to go. We then headed down and jogged most the the 2. 5 miles down.. People were looking at us funny because we were jogging. But it was easier to jog that downhill than fight it with a walk. It took us 2 hours and 18 minutes!

It was a super hot day.. in the 100's so we decided to stop on the way home at Sand Hollow to cool off. The water was like 84 degrees. I loved it. We swam to a big rock island and did some cliff jumping.
What a great weekend!!


Gords said...

You two sure have some sweet adventure trips. This one sounded fun! You guys are swimming Slam the Dam in Oct right? I know of at least 6 people from Utah going. Would be cool to meet up on Friday evening to carb up a little in Henderson.

Silly Gille's said...

Ummmm did you guys see 127 hours movie? Or even that other one... Sanctum? Do those movies not freak ya out? Ya'll are nuts!

I got really excited to see that you guys updated your blog! Tickled me pink :)

Rachele I am super excited for you to come visit me and my babe. Ill even let you change a poopy diaper and throw it down the shoot :)

Looking forward to Thanksgiving with you two as well. Maybe we can get y'all to stay at our house!

janelle stubbs said...

i'm also so glad you updated the blog! i'm always checking!! i'm sad i missed your visit here, but i know you'll be back :) you're having so much fun with all your trips i can't help but he a little envious of you! you're so lucky!! you are also looking so great too:)