Friday, January 7, 2011

Houston Christmas 2010

So on Christmas Eve we flew to houston to spend 8 days in warmer weather!!!!
Then we added a new tradition of Doing a Christmas Triathalon, We swam 500 yrds, Biked 6. 2 miles and ran 3.5 miles all through out kingwood. We started at The YMCA and ended at my Sisters house. We had to make some modifications and things to spice it up. We did not use ordinary bikes. Since Scott and I have done Triathalons we had to use the 3 wheel bikes.. that were so slow. It was a major handicap but all so fun!! We plan on doing this every yr we get together... but in the future i am sure there will be some strollers involved!!
Garret BE A MAN won the BE-A-MAN Tri Hard Triathalon!!!

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