Sunday, January 9, 2011


To start off the new year we ran the Kingwood TX Marathon. It was a 6.5 mile course (4 xs), through out the green belts of where i grew up.! My Dad and Sister Hollie were there to cheer Scott and I on. It was perfect weather and just beautiful. It was a Perfect way to begin 2011, a marathon and time with the Family in the glorious state of TX!!!
The medals were very big, weighed 2.5 lbs, shaped like the state of TX. I guess Everything is Bigger in TEXAS!!

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Gassers said...

Hey girl... I never knew you had a blog! I can't believe you are going to run that much! I wish I was you! I have been thinking of buying a jogging stroller and gettin into it! Anyway... hope all is well. We should have you guys over sometime! I haven't seen you in forever!