Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our First Christmas As The Krazy KUNZ

A microwaveable steamer...for my veggies!!
A splitter climbing bag!!
Clear play!!! Now we can watch any movie!!
A book by Lynn Cox, ultra swimmer saves a whale
No more dirty floors!
A movie about a Crazy man who swims the amazon!!!
Kettle Ball Set!!! I can feel the burn!!
More of my favorite stinky peaches!!Dental Socks
A trip to Michagan.. and a very Cool Picture!!
REligious Book from Grant
Does anyone want to challenge us in the Newly Wed GAME!!!!????
This Christmas we put up our first Tree that we got at Hobby Lobby along with the decor and ornaments!!! We decided to open our gifts a day early bc we were flying to houston on Christmas EVE.

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