Thursday, December 15, 2016


Kash Spencer Kunz birth story:
  We went in on November 1st at 6pm to get cervidil placed on my cervix to hopefully induce labor. I went in only dilated to a 1.5. and 0 effaced. By morning I was still dilated the same and 50 percent effaced. The doctor broke my water around 9 am to hopefully get things moving more. After breaking my water contractions were getting more intense and I ended up getting an epidural around 10:30 am. At around noon I was measuring a 3 and by 2 pm I was a 4 but 80 percent effaced.  About ten minutes later I felt a lot of pressure and was ready to push. Kash was born with one push at 2:22 pm. He was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.5 oz.  He latched on right away. Kash has been a great eater from the start and is gaining weight quickly. He has been very in his first month and spits up a lot more than Ava.  He is sleeping 2-3 hour stretches and is a loud sleeper.  He keeps us all up with his grunting.

Born: 6 lbs 12 oz... at two weeks 8 lbs 2 oz
         19.5 inches..... at two weeks 20 inches
head: average

We are so in love with this little boy, including his big sister Ava, who adores him and can't stop touching, and kissing him.

1 month

Kash loves to be held and snuggled.
Can take a paci but has a hard time keeping it in for a long time.
Likes the mamaroo but has to be asleep prior to being put in it to stay asleep.
Sleeps 2-3 hour stretches
Sleeps with arms up.
Definitely more needy than Ava, wants his mommy to hold him all the time.
Grunts and snorts in his sleep.
Likes tummy time, very strong holding his head up.
Gives us a smile every now and then ; has a cute dimple like Ava
Had more hair than Ava but is losing it.

The transition to two kids has been hard but I think we are starting to get a routine down.
We love Kash so very much and are so happy that he has joined our family. He is our perfect little boy.
Kash's baby blessing

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