Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ava is 18 months!!

  Well, a lot has happened in the last 6 months. We moved to Plano, TX at the beginning of the year.  The weather has been pretty cruddy since we got here. We have had cold, wet and snowy weather most days. I think it is finally starting to warm up. It was shocking to me because Houston never got this cold. However, we do like it here; very family friendly, pools everywhere,bike/running trails, and much larger house to live in.
    I have been a slacker lately with updating our family blog. Besides moving we have had other things come up that have put me back. We love Ava so much and are so eager to get a brother or sister for her. We have had several setbacks and it has been discouraging. Ava was not easy to conceive either but I was hoping we would get a break this second time around and I was wrong.  Life is hard at times but I know that everything happens for a reason and it will happen in the Lord's time but it is hard. We are open to adopt and excited if that is the route needed. We will see........
     Ava is 18 months now and my pride and joy!!  She weighs 24 lbs and 9 oz, 33 inches tall . She is getting so smart. She can say so many words. She says, mama, dada, thank-you ,peas, mine, me, Jesus, cheese, keys,baby, no,shoe, boot, ball,yum, bubba(bubbles), ba(balloon) Bubye, hi, wawa(water), mi (milk) and a ton of animal noises. She makes the popcorn hand signal when she wants to make popcorn and will go find the popcorn maker. We have to spell that word now. She does the "intsy winsy spider and head shoulders knees and toes" motions. She spins around and around.  She is a little mimicker, she copies me all the time.
   She enjoys sweeping, cleaning, playing in her kitchen, pretend eating, running, playing at the park, playing with balls, pushing her shopping cart, riding her horsey, reading, swimming, being outside, chasing bunnies, bubbles, bike rides, climbing up on things, playing with her flash cards.  She amazes me all the time. She understands so much more than she can say.
   Ava will finally let me put her hair in a pony tail. Ava hates poopy diaper changes; she cries and straightens her legs making it very difficult.  She still is a very easy going, and a happy girl.
  She still is a very good eater, loves her veggies and anything else food related.  She sleeps 12-12.5 hrs a night with one 2-2 1/2 hour nap. As long as she is fed and well slept she is happy.
  She has been going to nursery since we moved here at 16 months and loves it. I was happy that it was an easy transition for her and us. Ava brings us so much joy and we are so thankful that we have been blessed to be her parents. Being a mother has been the easiest and most rewarding thing thanks to AVA.

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