Wednesday, August 6, 2014

11 months...craziness!

I can not believe that we are 1 month away of Ava turning 1. This past year has flown by so fast. Ava has brought so much joy and energy to the family. She makes me smile constantly. Motherhood has been such an amazing gift. Here are her recent updates;
Weight: 21 lbish
Height: Taller than most babies her age and older
Head: smart and cute;)

*Always wants to walk. Pretty much walking on her own, just wears the safety jacket or holds on to a finger for occasional spills here and there. We have wood floor so when she falls hard unless we are there to catch.
* Can change direction when walking. Slows down to balance.
*Can step up on the curb.
*Has 5 teeth; two on top three on bottom.
* Waves to anyone and everyone. She flicks her wrist in the cutest way. Very unique wave.
*Still loves dogs. Wants to pet every one she sees. Says "Dog" or Hi dog." when she sees a dog.
*Sleeps on her belly and rolls all over the crib when sleeping.
*Has gotten from tummy to sitting a few times. For some reason does not like to do it, wants Mom to help you.
*Has pulled from sitting to standing while holding on walker. Still gets mad and wants to balance on me to pull up.
* Likes to mimic; Will copy me singing in the microphone, blinking my eyes, sticking out my tongue, doing the actions for "I don't know."; sign language for "more".
saying "more"

showing her tongue
*Is a great dancer; not only does she bounce but she does a full body shake.
*Loves to self feed; loves cheese quesadillas, green beans and anything else.
*Feeds herself the bottle, I am there for quality control.

* Knows when it is bed time and starts to cry when we are putting on her pjs.
*Naps 2-3 hrs a day; 12-13 hrs at night. Love my amazing sleeper;)

She gets cuter and cuter day by day. We love her so much!

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