Saturday, July 5, 2014

10 months with a BANG!!

Ava turned 10 months on July 4th!! Lots of celebrating with fireworks;) Ava is such an amazing sleeper. She slept through all of our neighbors fireworks. It was soooo loud and she didn't even flinch.
Today for the 4th, we went on a family hike to the summit of Montara mountain. Ava did great! That was the longest she has been in a hiking backpack (7.5 miles in 2.5 hours). We let her walk around on top and snack. She loves to be outdoors and walk; so she was in heaven.

10 month milestones;

weight: 20 ish lbs
height ; taller than before
head; cute and growing more hair for bows

* She has officially stood on her own for many seconds.
* Mastered walking with one hand for balance.
* Has taken 5-6 steps on her own,
* Received her first head booboo. She fell walking and hit her head hard;(
*Let MOM and DAD go to Tahoe while she stayed and played with Grandma Kunz for 3 days
*Has been called the "Easiest BABY ever" We are so lucky to have this happy easy going girl!
*Loves to dance
* Says MOM a lot, but not directly to me yet.
*Can say DAD when she sees him, We are working on the MOM.
*Will look at MOM or DAD when asking where is Mom and Dad.
*Still a great eater.
*Takes 2 naps. Sleeps 12 hours.
*Will wave bye and hi to people in the grocery store.
*Will look and smile at people at the store and wait for them to smile. Social Baby;)
*Has grown 3 more teeth. Two front top teeth and a another lower.
*Can scoots backwards on tummy, but no crawling. Prefers feet over tummy.

Its hard to believe that she will be a year in 2 months. We love her so much!! 10 months down; infinity to go!

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