Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kash is 8 months old.

What a big boy Kash is becoming.  I love this boy more and more each day if that is even possible.  I can't even imagine my family without him.  I love watching him smile with his whole face and all the cute noises he makes.  He adores his sister and they both love each other which melts my heart. Here is the latest.

* Sleeping better; actually takes naps in his crib and has slept through the night a few times.
* Sleeps on his tummy.
* Had some tummy issues which after 2 weeks seem to be getting better but was pooping a ton!!
*  Very squirmy and wants to move everywhere.
* Can scoot and roll to where he wants to go.
* Can balance on the couch.
* Almost able to go from laying to sitting.
* Can balance standing for about 10 seconds.
* Able to drink from his sippy cup.
* Can clap and say more( sign language).
* Had his first haircut by Grandma Beaman to tame his crazy long hairs.

Kash is so different than his big sister Ava. She was so chill and liked to stay put. Kash is already so mobile and always on the go.  He is my sweet boy who loves to still cuddle.  He snuggles in my neck and will suck my chin(kiss) when he is tired.  I love you sweet boy!

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