Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kash is 5 months old

Happy 5 months Kash. It's hard to believe that Kash  is 5 months. Time really does fly by!! He has brought so much happiness and love to our family. His smile melts my heart!

sucking  his lower lip

~ Sleeps through the night 75% of the time. (slept through the night for the first time this past month)
~ Loves to stand on his feet all the time.
~ Giggles at his older sister all the time.
~ Is super ticklish.
~ Eats rice cereal like a champ!!
~ Has discovered his lower lip, will suck on it.
~ Can grab and hold his toys.
~ Has rolled over twice but prefers to not be on tummy.
~ Has developed a little stranger danger.
~ Can sit in his high chair and eat his rice cereal.
~ Can mimic noises.
~ Starting to drool.

sleeping at the beach

I wish he could stay our baby forever! We love you so much!!