Monday, November 4, 2013


Wow! I can't believe how quickly this past month has been. I love being at home with Ava watching her grow and develop. Here are the latest milestones for this month.
*Smile when you smile at her
* Push things away and can hold things ( not sure if she realizes that she is doing it though)
*Sleeps for 7 hrs 90% of the time at night
* Sleeps in her crib and can put herself to sleep when I lay her down for the night.
*Has discovered her tongue
*Has discovered her finger; will suck a couple fingers or a fist
*Can hold up her head
*Likes to be held facing forward to look around at whats going on
* Stays awake for hours at a time during the day
*Actually enjoys bath time; is sad when we take her out
For Halloween Ava was a sock monkey and Scott and I were bananas. She looked so cute! Thursday we have Ava's two month shots and we will find out how much she weighs, my guess is 12 lbs. Hopefully the shots will go well.

So at her 2 month checkup: 12.4 lbs and 25 inches. She is in the 77% of weight and 100% for height. She is growing so well; must be the cream in the milk;)

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Tyson and Taylor Beaman said...

She is darling! I just want to kiss her cheeks! Miss you guys!