Monday, May 13, 2013

Time to MOVE on!!!

So 2 weeks ago our landlord told us that they were selling the house so we needed to be out in 60 days. We found a house within a few days only 6 houses down and moved in over the weekend. It was the quickest move I have ever done. Our new house is a tad bigger but the layout is a bit awkward which makes it seem smaller. We have unpacked most of our stuff and it is starting to feel like home. We were lucky to find something so quick and so close to Scott's work. His commute is literally 15 sec drive or 5 minute walk. It will be nice to be close to his work when the baby comes, so he can spend less time on the road and more with her. The move definitely wiped me out. Even if it is down the street you still have to pack and move all your stuff. Im just glad that its done. We won't be moving for at least another year.------------------------------------------ I had my 25 week appt. Baby's heartbeat was strong, belly is growing and so is the scale. I have really lucked out with this pregnancy, no major pains, problems or lack of energy. At week 21 I had a couple days that I was pretty sore due to round ligament stretching. I've been having heartburn on and off, but that's about it. Scott and I still have yet to agree on a girl name. So any suggestions please send our way! Here are some pics of the growing belly!! Week 21 Week 22 Week 23 Week 24 Week 25


Tyson and Taylor Beaman said...

cutest baby bump ever! That's a bummer about moving but I'm glad that it was an easy process for the most part.

janelle stubbs said...

yay! you're finally starting to pop!! i'm so excited for you!!! i hope you keep having a little energy. I lost all mine in the mid 20's weeks and i haven't really had any since! haha! love ya!